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1 Foot In The Grave Dot Com

1 Foot In The GraveA friend I have been emailing back and forth asked me for my website address to 1 Foot in the Grave, or as she put it, “1footinthegrave”. I thought that was odd until I realized there are still a lot of people that don’t understand how some of this IT (Internet Technology) stuff works. My hope was that my answer to her would be enlightening, but as it turns out, it revealed to me just how poorly I understand it. And I’m a so-called webmaster. In case you don’t know, that’s not a braggadocious term, it’s a job title. It means I should know, but apparently don’t, how to get my own website on the first page of Google results for my own website name, 1 Foot In The Grave.

How NOT to Get 1 Foot in the Grave Noticed by Search Engines

Part of my reply to her was going to include a link to Google results when searching for 1 foot in the grave – not in quotes, just like that. I wasn’t arrogant enough to believe it would be top of the page of results, but that it would be somewhere on that first page. After all, this website has been live for, uh, well over a dozen years (I don’t wanna say 13 because that’s an unlucky number and I need to be extra careful, if ya know what I mean), so you’d think the domain title itself would rank well enough to be on Google’s first page. But nooooo…

Turns out, there’s a British sitcom called One Foot In The Grave that shows up at the top of Google for that term. I don’t know why they don’t search first for the number 1, but they don’t. In fact, the term never shows up on the first page with the numeral 1 leading. Or the second page. It does show up on the third page, but not for me/my website, for some hiphop star (Cassidy) who raps a song by that name. When you search for the phrase in quotation marks, then you get results for 1 foot yadda, yadda, but mostly for that same hiphop rapper dude. Maybe I should sue for trademark infringement. If only I had trademarked the name in 2005 – or anytime before May 2018.

What’s The Plan For 1 Foot In The Grave?

So, my plan to be able to tell people to just google 1 foot in the grave to find me isn’t a very viable plan. I’d need to do a lot more work on this website to get anywhere close to the first few pages of any search engine. Anyone who has spent a little time here on my site can see, though, I’m just too lazy to do that. For myself, that is.

My flooring support site, TheFloorPro.com, is the very first result when you google the name The Floor Pro with or without quotation marks. I’ve been the webmaster for a hunting site for several years and it’s the first result in Google when you search for non typical outfitters. Same goes for jonny corners and mogra mission. Seems I can do the work to get top billing for other people’s websites, but apparently lack the ambition to do it for myself, where I could actually earn a few extra dollars through ad clicks.

Well, maybe this article will help. Yeah, right. 😉

Almost forgot… when you google Jim McClain photography, my photography site is the first listing. And the second and farther down the page is this website. So, my own name means something on Google, but only in conjunction with photography, 1 foot, grump, flooring and maybe other terms. That’s good, I think. I’ll try to do better though.

Jim McClain

Born 1949 and not dead yet.

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