Athletic Shoes for Seniors

Athletic Shoes for Seniors

Buying Athletic Shoes For An Old Man

Stylin' Jim of the 90sBuying athletic shoes didn’t used to be so hard. In my youthful 20s and 30s and even into my mid-life 40s, shoe buying was fun and easy. I was the trend setter among my peers and I didn’t mind being a bit daring. Bold colors and styles didn’t bother me. Sometimes the local stores didn’t have what I liked, but it wasn’t a big deal to have to drive some distance to satisfy my vanity. Now I am almost 70, have health problems and financial limitations and a much more sedate sense of style.

It is well into Summer 2019 now and I don’t have any athletic shoes in my closet. I joke that I have 1 foot in the grave and the other foot ain’t ready yet, but that other foot doesn’t have any white tennies to wear. There’s no store in all of Plumas County for a senior citizen to go buy a name brand walking, tennis or other athletic type shoe. They have all gone away. My nearly 70-year old feet aren’t as stable and flexible as most younger feet are. Ordering online is a difficult process – I’ve tried it. I would have to drive at least 80 miles, Chico, CA to the SW or Reno, NV to the SE, to find any stores that carry a variety of athletic shoes.

So many athletic shoes to choose from

It’s Not a Rural problem — City Solution Thing

The Internet has allowed me to shop for styles I like online. Websites like have search features that let your select colors, styles, sizes and other things to help you find the right shoes. My main criteria is having an all white athletic shoe (ever’one knows you have to dirty them up a bit before being seen in public), so that’s what I searched for. I found all of those in the picture above. I like the looks of all of them, some a little more than others. So then I used the “find in store” feature and only one of them is actually in the Foot Locker in Reno, NV. That’s a big gamble (Reno, gamble, get it?) for a 160 mile round trip.

Can I claim that as age discrimination? Are old guys like me the only ones who like white athletic shoes anymore? Some of the wilder looking shoes are stocked in all kinds of sizes. But plain old white in sizes 10, 10½ and 11 have to be ordered a week before going to Reno and some of those I like can’t even be shipped to the stores to try them on. And I sure can’t afford to order all three sizes just to make sure I can get one that fits.

What I think I’ll have to do is this: Compile a list of the brand name manufacturers and their shoe styles I like. Then I can go to the Reno Foot Locker and other stores (there are 6 that carry men’s shoes at Meadowood Mall) that carry those athletic shoes in any color. If a store doesn’t have the specific style I like, I might still get an idea of fitment by trying on a similar style of the same brand. If I don’t find exactly what I want, but I do learn which size fits best of the brands I like, then I can order from the Foot Locker website, or Amazon or wherever I find the shoe I like online.

What Do You Think?

I think that’s the plan. This could be problematic because I’m on oxygen and don’t have the strength or energy to walk all around the mall. What do you think of the situation? Comment below to tell me your shoe shopping experiences.

Jim McClain

Born 1949 and not dead yet.

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