Calling All Angels

A Poem by Lea MacDonald, Captain-227, South Frontenac Fire Department "Calling All Angels! Calling All Angels!" Went out his thunderous plea. "I am thy Lord beseeching my horde to assemble in front of me!" In a flash the angels did dash to gather at His feet, And hear His plan to help all man by use of Heaven's elite. "The…

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Disability and Depression

Dealing With Depression Associated With Disability

by John Meyers

DepressionIn my years of working with adults with developmental disabilities, I also dealt with many people with physical disabilities and with mental illness. Sometimes, they had all three! One thing I learned for sure is that you don’t have to have a developmental disability to have other disabilities. People who have an onset of a severe physical disability, whether it’s an obvious disability such as the loss of a limb or your sight, or less noticeable such as heart trouble or the loss of lung function, can easily slip into depression. And depression is serious stuff.

We all get “depressed” at times, but (more…)

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