Adding Nikon D5600 To My Gear

Lung disease and landscape photography doesn't always work well together. Sometimes the slightest exertion for the normal person is more than I can handle for more than a few minutes. 'Course, I didn't think about this 5 years ago when I got my Nikon D810 and Tamron's version of the holy trinity of zoom lenses - heavy camera and heavy…

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Panoramas of Grizzly Peak & Mt Hough

My landscape photography appears to have taken a back seat to just about everything else going on in my life for the last year. There were no new photos at all for the first 3 months of 2018. I photographed the progress of my bathroom remodel project for most of the rest of the year, with only a few scattered…

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First Sky Replacement In Photoshop

Sky replacement in Photoshop seemed almost a rudimentary task. There are dozens of YouTube videos on how to do it and I have watched several over the years I have been using Photoshop in my photo processing workflow. But I've never done one. It looked easy enough; I just kept putting off doing it. It's not that there haven't been…

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Plumas County Main Street Architecture

Before I started carrying a camera around regularly, I took a lot for granted along the main byways of Plumas County towns. We have some unique architecture, many historic landmarks and many gracefully aging buildings. I've tried to train my camera lenses on some of those I found the most interesting. It usually depends on the direction of light, the…

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Plumas County Wildlife

Plumas County wildlife live in every part of Feather River Country. The Plumas National Forest covers the vast majority of Plumas County and is home to bear, coyote, Bald Eagle, trout, mountain lion, beaver, osprey and many more species of wildlife. But if you thought this post was going to be about any of those animals, or photographs of any…

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Lowepro Camera Bag Review

In the last few years, I have purchased 4 different camera bags. All of them claimed to be large enough to hold the gear I had. I relied on product reviews and answered questions, YouTube videos from channels I trusted and when possible, I even went to a brick & mortar store to put all my gear in a bag…

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Horse Country & Horsey Kisses

Horse Country Plumas County, CA is horse country, here on the western slope of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. You can't drive through the area without seeing horses or horse trailers carrying horses. I live in a well developed section of E. Quincy and horses walk by my front yard every day, occasionally even pulling a buggy. Horses live on 3…

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Photo Inspiration on a Rail

For months now, I have been experiencing a definite lack of photo inspiration. It's like a fog hanging over me. Or maybe it's just laziness. The other day, I decided to go in search of some inspiration by visiting an area the railroad tracks run through. On a number of other occasions, railway lines have inspired me. It's easy to…

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Plumas County Fair Photos

Plumas-Sierra County Fair Photo Entries

by Jim McClain

This was my first photo contest. I entered 19 photos in the county fair and won 13 ribbons on twelve of them (one received 2 ribbons, one a Best of Division). Yes, I’m proud. But I am also humbled by all the beautiful pictures I was surrounded by from the enormous talent of many fine photographers here in Plumas County. It was an honor to be among them.

These photos, the exact same photos that were on display at the county fair, are for sale. (more…)

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The Rodeo Comes to Taylorsville

The Silver Buckle Rodeo, Taylorsville, CA

The Taylorsville Silver Buckle Rodeo has been a fixture in Plumas County since 1949 – the year of my birth. I’ve enjoyed the rodeo many times over the years, especially when I was a youth in the 60s. I went to Taylorsville Elementary School in the 4th grade (1958-59) and broke my first bone jumping off the deck railing of the Taylorsville Tavern. But I saw a real bone breaking at the CCPRA Silver Buckle Rodeo one year during the calf roping event. Quite a visual for a young boy and I cringe to this day thinking about it.

Welcome to The Silver Buckle RodeoBecause of my health restrictions, I wasn’t going to be able to go to the actual rodeo event. I enjoy making pictures of horses and other animals though, so I thought I might be able to get access to the grounds the evening before and the morning of the rodeo, before they opened the gates to the public. (more…)

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