David Bromstad Brought Me Back To Life

David Bromstad Brought Me Back To Life

David BromstadJust the way I had spent most of my days the last 3 years, in early May, 2009, I was holed up in my cave of an apartment waiting to die. I was told I had end-stage Emphysema and not a lot of time left. I didn’t know anyone by the name David Bromstad then.

But that day in May was the beginning of something that changed the way I felt about my life and what I wanted to do with at least part of what I had left of it. The credit goes to David Bromstad, interior designer and host of Color Splash – his infectious zest for taking on each new challenge and the joy he brought and shared with everyone around him – and this new viewer. I was just flipping through channels looking for something to watch on TV. I found Color Splash on HGTV.

David BromstadIt didn’t hit me for a couple of days, but soon I was looking for David on the Internet. I found his website and the HGTV site and discovered there were lots of full-length episodes available for me to watch. And it wasn’t just David, but Danielle Hirsch, Ian McCartt and all the assistants and production staff and how they all seemed to be like a family having a great time designing and decorating all these wonderful spaces.

Danielle HirschDavid has immense talent and humility. Sometimes it looks like even he is surprised at what he has been able to create. I remember that feeling from the days I used to do floors – and customize computer cases, remodel my home, build model cars as a kid and even when I was a wannabe decorator in high school (but you didn’t talk about that in the hick school I grew up in). David, Ian and Danielle helped me remember that I have talent too. Maybe not as much as they have, but heck, I could do some of that stuff.

Ian McCarttI live in a converted garage. I am very grateful to my closest friend for giving me a place to live when I lost my home. But at the time, it was just a cave for me to crawl into and die. Today, nearly six months after discovering Color Splash and David Bromstad, my cave is beginning to morph into a beautiful and comfortable home. It’s still strewn with lumber, paint cans and you have to contort yourself over the obstacles to get to the only chair left after other furnishings have been put into storage. But it is actually transforming a little bit every day. This normally 2-week project (2 days, for the Color Splash team) is into its 5th month and there’s still a ways to go. My lungs keep me working at a snail’s pace and my finances force me to scrounge, beg and be very patient, but it’s really happening.

Thanks to David, his giddy laugh and contagious joy in the process of creating something beautiful, my place is going to be quite nice. I have been chronicling it somewhat on my flooring forum here: Redesigning My Apartment and I will try to post some of the more memorable transformations here in my blog. But I wanted to start with this homage to David Bromstad and crew. I am so grateful for him bringing me back to life. And I promise to recreate my space into something to be proud of and will produce that same kind of amazement you see on the faces of all his make-over subjects.

Jim McClain

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  1. Eloy Heverin

    Thank yo very much for this awesome article. I’ve read your articles for a decent time now, and they are always getting better. 🙂 Cheers

    1. Phyllis Bratcher

      David I loved you since your first show. I never missed a program. You inspire me to decorate with my own inner design. Not only are you fine as ever, I enjoy watching you in motion with that great body. keep decorating, you are awesome. Love and good health to you. Peace

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