My Thoughts About WordPress

WordPressAlthough I had planned for a long time to start a blog (I think I made my first effort in 1993 or 4), I had never decided on what script to use until just a couple days ago. I was actually looking for something that I could use for a Floor Pro Network so that my members could have their own blogs. I tried a couple things out and even settled on b2evolution. But when I installed that application and was faced with the configuration and other options, I gave WordPress another look.

The installation couldn’t have been much easier – it really does take less than 5 minutes. The options were impressive and simple to set up. I got a couple of plugins and installed a theme I liked and I was up and running. I especially like that it’s all valid code right outa the box. I’m anal about that. The theme I chose has a 1 pixel jog in the background that I can’t seem to fix. I made a comment to the designer on the WordPress Themes page, so I hope it gets resolved.

One thing I didn’t like about the theme I chose (Coffee Stained 1.0) was the size of the graphics. There were only 3 graphics, but the total file size was over 162 KB. That’s gotta take a while to download for the poor saps still using dialup. Even for many DSL connections, that’s a bit of a wait for the page to load. So, I converted the JPG images to PNG, loaded them into Adobe Firefox and then did some optimizing. The header was originally a little over 70 KB, but I was able to reduce it to less than 19. The footer, originally 87 KB, is now just over 17. The background was a 760x155px image with a file size of almost 5 KB. I couldn’t understand why the image would be 155px high, so I cropped it down to only 10px. Some would say 1 or 2px would do just as well. Now the file size is about half a kilobyte. I saved 126 KB.

I wish I could lose some of my fat the same way. Hell, I’d be one handsome guy… nah, it’d prob’ly take a lot more’n that.

Anyway, I enjoy messing with this kind of stuff and I’m looking forward to making this site nice. Even if it doesn’t get a lot of traffic, I’d like it to be nice for myself. And who knows, it might be busy enough to help pay for itself with the advertising. It’s just one small way I hope to get out of this damn poor house and spend my last days in something a lot more comfortable.


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