The Grump Case Computer Mod

The Grump Case Computer Mod

Self Portrait in Computer Case Art

Grump Case AvatarOne of the most interesting projects I have done, The Grump Case was designed to be a quiet and powerful computer system, as well as a handsome work of technological art. Its design, rather the side panel design, was created to depict the avatar I used on many forums around the Interweb – the same one you see there on the left. I posted a worklog of The Grump Case project on one of my favorite website forums, GideonTech. The side panel is 3 layers of colored cell cast acrylic behind the Cooler Master Wave Master computer case door. The aluminuminuminum case body color and texture is powder coating with spray painted accents and polished aluminuminuminum trim.

The Grump Case: More Than Just a Case Mod

As with my other computer mods, I like to have matching peripherals. The keyboard, a TrueTouch by Manhattan, was the perfect shape to compliment the fogged painting technique I used to outline certain elements of the case. Its size was a bonus to me because I never found much use for number pads anyway. I wrote a worklog on this keyboard mod on the NWMods Forum, but like so many of the case modding forums from the early aughts (2001-2005ish), the site and my worklog is gone. It was a very simple mod though, only requiring a high gloss paint job and some vinyl dye for the special function buttons. Nothing special, but it helped make The Grump Case special.

The Grump Case was created in 2004, first as a feature article in a Sandhills publication, but I failed to meet the deadline. This was the beginning of my health problems associated with emphysema. The project did continue after a short delay and was sponsored by several case modding suppliers and the computer case manufacturer, Cooler Master, of Taiwan. That company also brought me to southern California for a short tour of LAN (Local Area Network) parties, where gamers gather to challenge each other and win prizes and have fun.

I hope you enjoy the small gallery of photos of The Grump Case. This article was originally written in 2007 for my old GrumpsPlace dot com website, but I hope you will enjoy this little foray into the past.

Jim McClain

Born 1949 and not dead yet.

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