Grump’s Passion for Computers

Grump’s Passion for Computers

This was originally one of the pages of the very early version of, one of my first websites way back in 2003. Here it is reprinted for my enjoyment – and maybe yours too.

I love computers – software, hardware…

I prob’ly spend way too much time on my computers, but they are just so fascinating. I got my first one in 1991, intimidating as Hell, but needing something to help me keep the books. It wasn’t long before I was fiddling around with the settings, trying to squeeze more performance out of a 386DX with 1MB RAM, a 4MB HDD and running MS-DOS 5. Then I discovered something quite different from my pet peeve about working on cars – I didn’t get any grease on my hands when I popped the hood.

Even more than tweaking the software and settings, I loved not getting my hands dirty, so to speak. It seemed my computer always had the case or side panel off. I learned by trial and error, and believe me, there were a lot of errors. I read everything I could get my hands on and I started “going online.”

In those early days of my online experiences, I was paying toll charges to dial into CompuServe on a 9600Kbps modem – and being lucky to connect at 8 or 900. My first month’s bill was $300.00 more than normal. But, boy, was I havin’ fun.

On these [old] pages, you’ll find all kinds of computer related content. Let me warn you though, I am not a computer professional, I am only a hobbyist/enthusiast. Yes, I’ll charge to install some hardware or software for you and if you want to buy one of my mods, it’ll cost you plenty. But I don’t want you to confuse me with someone who does this for a living. ‘Course, you never know what the future will hold.

My main purpose for sharing these computer experiences is purely self indulgence and braggadocio. Of course, I do want you to enjoy it and take something away when you leave. I’ll try to direct you to the best sources for help and do my best to explain my modding techniques. I’ll try to keep a list of downloads you might find interesting and I’ll provide you with links to all my favorite sites. Above all, I want you to enjoy yourself here and to like it well enough to send your friends and associates over to visit. Please feel free to link to me any time.

That was a long time ago. These days I don’t do much with the computers except use them. Lung disease has sapped my energy and the dust that collects inside these things really taxes my breathing when I get too close. But I enjoy the reminisces and I hope you will too. Please enjoy looking at some of the “computer work” I’ve done over the years.

Jim McClain

Born 1949 and not dead yet.

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