My Kinda Music: MAROON5

Maroon5 CDNot a whole lotta real pleasures in my life these days. I really love spending most of my time on this computer, building websites, working with graphics. I also enjoy a few television programs and occasionally I will watch Late Night with David Letterman. He has an irreverent sense of humor and usually gives me a good laugh or three. But the music has never been all that great for me. I don’t know who picks these groups, but some of them are down right repulsive. Whata ya gonna do but change the channel.

Tonight was QUITE different. Maroon5 and It Won’t Be Soon Before Long made the difference. I’ll admit that what initially prompted me to give a listen – or at least wait to see them walk on stage – was the very stylish album cover (us old folks still call ’em albums – they’re CDs and even smaller an’ shinier than my old 45’s) – go ‘head, give it a click to see the larger version. I know, that’s a pretty weird reason to decide to listen to a group, but I’ve made flimsier decisions than that, ya know. So, the end of the show comes around (by the way, pretty stiff and boring Katie Holmes was and that was a lousy impersonation of Letterman that Frank Caliendo did) and the Maroon 5 were introduced. Right away I noticed it: no screaming. Really, you know what I’m talkin’ about. These guys were smooth. I was tappin’ away on my computer, ferget doin’ what, and I just had to stop. It was a very fresh and clean sound.

This music coming from Maroon 5 is amazing. I know that my taste in music has always run toward pop and dance music, but lately, maybe because I’ve done more reminiscing, I’ve been listening to some of the stuff I enjoyed in my youth. That’s what old folks do, right? But ol’ Dave brought me right back to the here an’ now. Even with the poor sound equipment his producers saddle the musical talent with, these guys sounded very good. So, geek that I am (‘course I waited ’til their set was over), I googled them. Yeah, that’s a verb now.

The Maroon 5 website isn’t as nice as their music. It’s Adobe Flash based and doesn’t function well – no “tool-tips” to tell you what’s what and the worst, no volume control. But the best part is their top tune, “Won’t Go Home Without You” started playin’ right away. I love DSL. It’s the same piece they played on the Letterman show and it really has a much better sound quality. This song has a crisp, but gentle beat and melodic lyrics. The chorus is smooth, so much unlike all that harsh screaming I’ve heard and stumbled over shit trying to get to the volume knob. I found myself bouncing my feet and tapping on my thigh just like I did so long, long ago.

As “…Without You” faded off, I nervously anticipated the next song. You know, you’ve been through it before… a great song turns into the only good thing that group ever did and the rest is kee-rap. Not Maroon 5. These guys got lots more music in them. Up was “Wake Up Call“, a lively tune that really had me wishin’ I could still dance. Well, I can, but only for about 20 seconds an’ then I’m grabbin’ for the rescue inhaler. This tune was one a them you just gotta move to though and I did my best. I pulled the oxygen on and kept playin’ my legs like an old drum kit.

They don’t have every song of the CD on their online player, but the five tracks they do have are enough to sell me. You can get their album through iTunes, or at and either place will let you listen before you buy. Of course, the best listenting is at the Maroon5 website. They have links to iTunes, and several other places you might find interesting (‘course, I am an Amazon affiliate partner and it helps me if you buy the music – or anything – by clicking the links to Amazon I provide here). I tried to join their forum, but they don’t like me, I guess. Couldn’t get much to work there. So, I stole some graphics and high-tailed it outa there. Hope you like what I did with them.

Jim with 1 Foot OUT of the Grave tonight.


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