Not Dead Yet!

1 Foot logoI can’t believe I let this website nearly die. It has been over a year since my last post and I am still kickin’. I am doing better than this blog. My apologies to all of you thinking you shoulda never added it to your favorites or bookmarks. To show you my sincerity, I have finally given the site its own favicon – the little graphic you should see just in front of the address in your browser (browsers are weird – you may not see it yet, but you will when your browser gets around to it). It looks like a smaller version of the graphic you see over there on the left upper corner of this post.

My health has deteriorated, as is expected with a disease that is chronic and has no cure. But they adjust my medication levels and even changed some of the inhalers. To be able to go and do the things I like to do, I get around on a Segway and even take it into stores and restaurants when I need to. I’ll talk more about the Seg in another post, but I am mobile.

When I look at my Other Foot List, I realize much of that has changed now. Again, more about that later, in a revised list. It’s true that some things change and some stay the same. I am trying to go with the flow. I was depressed and closed myself off from the world for a very long time, except when I absolutely had to do something. But I feel like something happened a few weeks ago and now I am more excited about this life than ever before.

I’ll expound on that more, as I keep saying, later and in other posts. I wanted to get this message out to you though – I’m not dead yet. I don’t fear the inevitable as much as I did and I am willing to try to make the transition as much fun and interesting as possible. Thanks for hangin’ with me.

Jim McClain

Born 1949 and not dead yet.

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  1. Katrine

    I’ve been weight lifting for about annually . 5…. And i realized that after some time the only real time that I was sore was doing leg exercises. To create a long story short, I had been hangin out with one of the trainers, and she or he demonstrated a bunch of new exercises (its not like we spend a bunch of time in it either!) The following day I was sore from top to bottom. Basicly what i am getting at is the fact that you might have been stuck in the rut to do the same kind of routine. However, if you change up your routine the body feels it! Continue the good work!

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