Oak Side Table

Oak Side Table

Traditional Round Oak Side Table, by Gilda Furniture

The vision I had for my bedroom remodel was along traditional lines. Although my apartment is a low-slung tri-plex, built in the 1990s here in the real Northern California – Feather River Country – I felt that I could give it a classic and metro-stylish look of elegance. Furnishings play a big role in that end and I have accomplished it even while on a very limited budget. One of the elements of this design was to have a traditional looking round oak side table, instead of the standard bedside end table.

Table as shown on amazonI prefer to shop locally, but there are very few furniture stores in Plumas County that carry quality furniture. I looked, but finally had to spend time searching the Internet for what I wanted. I found what I wanted on Amazon.com for less than $150.00. This Oak side table is an excellent addition to my bedroom. The actual color of it is lighter than the image on Amazon depicted and slightly darker than the thumbnail image of the grain pattern they showed. It’s a beautiful golden oak color and all natural wood finishes will vary from piece to piece. The grain and color is nearly identical to my kitchen cabinetry, so it gives a pleasant continuity to my apartment.

Table as shown on amazonThe piece appears to be solid wood construction, with the exception of possibly the table apron. I was disappointed in the quality of the wood screws that are supposed to hold this thing together though – they are likely of very low quality steel, made in China. The screws were meant to hold the center column to the table top, through a square of masonite. There are 2 more screws used to mount the end cap on the bottom of the column.

I usually add glue (Titebond II) to most wood joins when I assemble furniture. I did that before attaching the masonite to the column with some higher quality screws I had on hand. Then I glued each leg to the column before securing them with the washers and nuts supplied. I didn’t glue the masonite to the table top, to make it easier to remove for moving or storage if needed in the future. I checked later for glue oozing out along the seams and cleaned the excess with a warm, damp rag.

My Round Oak Side TableThe measurements provided in the product description were not very accurate. Instead of 25.2″ high, by 19.5″ diameter, the table is actually slightly taller and a bit narrower – 25¾” x 18⅞”. The height wasn’t as big an issue as the width. My measurements of the space dictated a table in the 22-24″ diameter range. I compromised on 19½”, but it came in even smaller. That may not mean much to most, but I think the manufacturer and the retailer have an obligation to state the measurements accurately.

I’ve lived with the table for a while now and am happy with my choice. It’s a handsome piece of furniture, stronger than it would have been, had I strictly followed the assembly instructions (which were easy enough to follow – unusual for many products these days). It looks great in my room, as you can see in the picture below. I hope you agree. This oak table is no longer available on Amazon.com, but you can find other colors there and through other retailers. I hope you’ll look locally first, when it’s time to buy furniture for your bedroom.

My Round Oak Side Table

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