Revival of An Old Hobby

Revival of An Old Hobby

The Re-birth of My Photography Hobby

Back in the early 80s, I found an interest in photography. I bought the latest Canon film camera, an A-1, lenses, filters and an assortment of other gear. The hobby began, as many of my hobbies do, with research and plenty of reading and, in this case, looking at the pictures of many photography artists of that time. My enthusiasm also took me to school – I enrolled in a B&W photography course at a college in San Mateo, near where I was living at the time.

Unfortunately, at that time of my life, I was more interested in getting high than in making pictures. Well, to be more accurate, my drug addiction forced me to devote more energy into getting and using dope than in pursuing my artistic talents. Eventually, I sold most of the camera equipment to buy dope, although I managed to hold onto some of the desire. But the 2 or 3 years I was trying to develop some photographic talent hold fond memories and I still have some of those pictures in a musty box somewhere.

Shortly after giving up on photography, I managed to get sober. Over the years, I continued to take pictures. And that’s the correct term for the kind of imagery I was using for many years – taking, rather than making pictures. Once in a while I would take a shot and could feel that same sense of excitement I felt in the beginning. It was enough to get me involved in using pictures to illustrate my computer modding and in my flooring career. I even used pictures and words to write articles and reviews and this website has used a number of those throughout.

Recently though, I got an even stronger urge to get reacquainted with photography. I saved money to buy a better digital camera than any camera I had previously owned, with the exception of the film camera from the 80s. It was still just a glorified point & shoot, but it was enough to bring about this revival of my old hobby. It wasn’t long after I discovered that I still had an eye and a little bit of photographic talent, so I jumped in the deep end and got a better camera – a Nikon D5300. It’s still just a middle of the road enthusiasts camera with interchangeable lenses, but it’s a very decent piece of equipment.

I’m still sober, nearly 30 years later and now I’d like to share some of my pictures with you. I’m only starting with a single image for this article, but I hope to write many more posts and include more and more pictures as I move forward.

The picture below was shot with the camera that got me back on track, a Panasonic Lumix FZ-200. It’s a fixed zoom lens camera, but one of the best available when I bought it. I was able to sell it and save a little more to get the Nikon, but before I did, I made some memorable images. Enjoy this shot of sunrise coming over my home town of Quincy, CA.

Quincy's Main Street

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