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Pick Your Best Smile

Beautify the Space Between Your Teeth

This Is The Best Toothpick Ever

Flents ToothpixThis is the best toothpick ever! It’s a Poly Pik, which is a very difficult to find brand, unless you want to order 500 at a time. I can’t remember where or when I found my first Poly Pik (this product is branded Flents on the packaging), but it was years ago and I have been using the same 4 Toothpix all that time. Well, actually, I use only one at a time, but I keep one in my car and another at my desk. I used to keep one in my wallet too, but that just didn’t seem right – people would stare when I’d pull the thing outa my wallet and pick my teeth with it.

Over the years, I managed to lose them. I’d forget to put the one in my car away and the car wash people would just suck them up the vacuum hose. Lost 2 of them that way. Another I dropped on the floor in a restaurant bathroom. Prob’ly could have cleaned it with alcohol, but it still seemed kinda gross. Heck, you prob’ly think a review about a toothpick is kinda gross.

Admit it, you pick your teeth. Sometimes it’s with a wooden pick and they get soggy or break. You might use a business card or matchbook cover – even a match will do in a pinch. But I swear by this toothpick. It’s easy to hold, has 2 distinct tool ends (the blade even has tiny hash marks to help scrub) and keeps the dirty bits from making your bright smile look bad. It’s small enough to be discreet and can be cleaned with alcohol – you can even soak it in some mouthwash overnight.

Similar Product on ebay: Pick-A-Dent Reusable Plastic Toothpicks

Did you ever think you’d see a toothpick review this long? Well, I’m a huge fan. Order this and you will be too. And you will not only beautify the space between your teeth, you will beautify the space around you with your clean smile. ‘Course, if you are the kinda person who likes to walk around with a toothpick sticking out of your mouth, then never mind this review. Toothpicks aren’t meant for show.

Best Toothpick Ever

Jim McClain

Born 1949 and not dead yet.

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  1. Petra

    I’m looking for that exact same toothpick and can’t find it anywhere! I have the same love as you for this ultimate toothpick and think everyone should have one. Do you have any idea where I could buy one? I have had mine over 25 years…

    1. Jim McClain

      Hi Petra, thanks for your reply. I hadn’t noticed that my link to this product on Amazon didn’t work anymore. Couldn’t find it anywhere else in the USA either, but there is a similar product currently listed on ebay: Pick-A-Dent Reuseable Plastic Toothpicks. Hope that helps.

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