Plumas County Main Street Architecture

Plumas County Main Street Architecture

Before I started carrying a camera around regularly, I took a lot for granted along the main byways of Plumas County towns. We have some unique architecture, many historic landmarks and many gracefully aging buildings. I’ve tried to train my camera lenses on some of those I found the most interesting. It usually depends on the direction of light, the time of morning or evening, the importance of the structure and my mood and vision.

I’m Not a Documentarian

My photos are not meant to be a documentary of local architecture. I freely admit to using the editing tools at my disposal to remove power lines and cables, even an ugly junction box or satellite dish. Erasing bits of litter, sometimes a traffic lane marking, darken or lighten the building’s paint helps to show you what I see when I look at these works of skill and artistry. My hope is to try to see what the builders saw and how the owners of these businesses would want their visitors to remember their establishments.

My tools are a DSLR camera some Tamron F2.8 zoom lenses, a sturdy tripod and other accessories. I currently use a Nikon D810, but some of the photos below were captured with a cheap Panasonic fixed lens camera or a Nikon D5300 with low cost lenses. Software I use to develop with includes Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. I’m not a professional photographer, but have been lucky and blessed enough to have some of my photos published in magazines. Several of my photos are displayed as window shades at the local SavMor Grocery Store.

Let’s Plan a Plumas County Photo Outing

It has been too many months since I’ve been out looking for photographic subjects. I usually go alone. My specialties are landscapes and townscapes and I enjoy traveling all over Plumas County in my Jeep to find pictures to make. The most fun, even if I don’t find any great photos, is when I have company. That doesn’t happen often enough, however. If you have even the slightest interest in photography, it might be fun if we could plan a short outing for a few hours sometime. Best times are around sunrise and sunset – the golden hours or the blue hours. I can carry 3 of us and our equipment, so if you want to come with a friend, that would be okay too. Contact me if you’re interested, either by posting a comment below, or through my contact page. If you can’t do a photo outing, maybe you know of a building in Plumas County I should be aiming my camera at. Let me know below.

Hope you enjoy these photos of some of the buildings along the main streets of Plumas County. Visit this page of my photo site if you would like to purchase high resolution prints.

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Jim McClain

Born 1949 and not dead yet.

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  1. Vanessa Lambdin

    The little school house in Sierra Valley… right? Gorgeous pictures, every one, but the tree of pink flowers… wow. I wish these would expand to the whole screen.

    1. Jim McClain

      Yes, Sierra Valley along Highway 70. Glad you enjoy all the photos. You can view them larger by right-clicking and choosing Open in New Tab. I don’t use a phone to visit websites, so I don’t know how you would do it with a phone. Each photo is cropped in a way I feel does the subject more justice, which may not fit all sides of a monitor or device.

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