Plumas County Wildlife

Plumas County Wildlife

Plumas County wildlife live in every part of Feather River Country. The Plumas National Forest covers the vast majority of Plumas County and is home to bear, coyote, Bald Eagle, trout, mountain lion, beaver, osprey and many more species of wildlife. But if you thought this post was going to be about any of those animals, or photographs of any of that kind of wildlife, you may be disappointed.

In more than 50-odd years of living in Plumas County, I have encountered all of those creatures at one time or another, but I have either been without a camera at the time, or too damned scared to think about capturing a nicely composed photo of the bear attacking my garbage cans, or the big cat I glimpsed while hiking a trail during my hippie years, or worried my dog would pick a fight with that coyote that wandered into the neighborhood. I did manage to photograph some Turkey Vultures back in 2014.

No matter the size or temperament of the wildlife, they can be beautiful creatures. I’m always in awe at my fleeting sightings and I often wish I had the time, energy or skill to make photos of some of these fantastic creatures. If you have lived or spent any considerable time in Plumas County, you know what I mean. It’s the wise traveler and resident who drives or hikes with an alert eye out for animals living among us. Maybe the opportunity for me to create the kind of photos you enjoy looking at will present itself again.

Plumas County Wildlife As I See It

However, I hope you will be satisfied that I have managed to captured my own version of Plumas County Wildlife in the last few years (one photo goes back 35 years). Perhaps you may even be more able to relate to this kind of Plumas County Wildlife. I have concentrated on landscape photography for some years now and occasionally I get to see a few creatures in the distance. The amount of energy it takes to photograph actual wildlife is more than I am able to do. There are local photographers that do an excellent job of that, so if that’s what you were looking for when you came here, you’ll have to keep looking. But not until you take a quick look at my kind of wildlife. And if you like some of these, you can find more on my photography website.

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Born 1949 and not dead yet.

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