Recessed Door Pulls

Recessed Door Pulls

This is a review of the Baldwin Hardware Flush Mount Door Pull I purchased for my bedroom closet doors and a pocket door. In my bedroom remodel, I used metal accents with a Venetian Bronze finish. I searched Google Images until I thought I found the door pulls what I was looking for.

Some things you have to see in person to fully appreciate their suitability. The Baldwin Hardware Flush Door Pull in Venetian Bronze wasn’t one of them. The picture and description online was all I needed to know the style, color and quality is exactly what I needed for my sliding closet doors and my new pocket door. The price seemed very reasonable for all of that.

When they arrived, in just a few short days, I realized what I saw online was just as I expected, with only a couple minor flaws. The plating on the screws was not as substantial as the plating on the pulls. I also noticed 2 of the 6 pulls I ordered had very small scratches or nicks inside the pull. But none of this warranted return and I was still very pleased with the quality.

I was disappointed that there was no instructions or template included for the groove that must be routed into the door to mount this product. I thought the best way to make that groove was to build a jig that could be clamped onto the door. The router was positioned in the jig and, with the help of an expensive 1″ round router bit and several passes at increasing depth, I had the groove needed to mount the pull solidly into the doors.

Router jig for door pulls

Although the screws were made of an inferior quality metal compared to the pull (be careful your phillips bit doesn’t round over the cross slots), they are strong enough to provide firm support for the pull. I suspect though, had I not used a round router bit, the length of the screw would not have been enough to get a good bite into the wood.

Recessed Closet Door Pulls   Flush Mount Pocket Door Pull

I love the look and feel of these door pulls and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them. Knobs and Hardware dot com, where I originally purchased these, was an excellent company to do business with, but sadly, they were bought out by a company I don’t think nearly as highly of. They had nearly everything one would need for the home, from hardware to home decorating. No longer though; I could not find these on the new site when I tried to update the information for 2018. The link at the top of this page to Amazon does lead to the same door pulls though.

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