The Rodeo Comes to Taylorsville

The Rodeo Comes to Taylorsville

The Silver Buckle Rodeo, Taylorsville, CA

The Taylorsville Silver Buckle Rodeo has been a fixture in Plumas County since 1949 – the year of my birth. I’ve enjoyed the rodeo many times over the years, especially when I was a youth in the 60s. I went to Taylorsville Elementary School in the 4th grade (1958-59) and broke my first bone jumping off the deck railing of the Taylorsville Tavern. But I saw a real bone breaking at the CCPRA Silver Buckle Rodeo one year during the calf roping event. Quite a visual for a young boy and I cringe to this day thinking about it.

Welcome to The Silver Buckle RodeoBecause of my health restrictions, I wasn’t going to be able to go to the actual rodeo event. I enjoy making pictures of horses and other animals though, so I thought I might be able to get access to the grounds the evening before and the morning of the rodeo, before they opened the gates to the public.

A kind man, by the name of Paul F. Young, granted me access. I hope he’ll see this and contact me so I can offer him a print of his photo. He asked if I could take a picture of him. Of course, I jumped at the opportunity, but foolish me, I forgot to ask him to remove his shades. See, I’m not much of a portrait artist – I’ve never had to ask a horse to take off the sunglasses or a tree to tilt their hat back.

Thanks to Paul, I was able to make the pictures you see below. I had a great time in the 45 minutes I had (that’s how long a tank of oxygen lasts me now). My hope is that you enjoy them too. It was a fun time for all in Taylorsville, CA. Props should also go to the Indian Valley Riding & Roping Club for their hard work as hosts and sponsors of many exciting events at the Taylorsville Rodeo Arena.

I would like to offer the high-resolution prints of these images for sale. All (yes, 100%) profits go to Indian Valley Riding & Roping Club (IVRRC). Contact me about the photo you want and the size and type of mounting or framing you would like.

Jim McClain

Born 1949 and not dead yet.

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  1. Melody Tiedemann

    Hey! We saw you at Gold Diggers at the car show, that man’s name on the rodeo gate is Paul F. Young.

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